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Ben and Jerry's for Dinner...

Running a marathon blind folded would have been easier than these past couple weeks. It's never one thing going wrong at a time, its multiple malfunctions at the sometime. But that’s life, ain’t it? There are good times, bad times and in the middle times. There are days when things are going to be easy and go according to plan and other days when it feels like everything is falling a part and nothing is going to make it better. And that is totally fine. For so many of us, myself included, we often feel like we have to have it all put together all of the time. We look at social media as a guide of how we should live our lives and idolize the people we see who seem to “have it all put together”. But in reality do they? Are all these people really that put together all of the time and nothing ever goes wrong for them? Am I the only one that seems to have terrible days or weeks? Truth is everyone, regardless of who you are or where you are has times in their life where they just aren’t okay. And that’s okay.

Like I said these last couple weeks have been anything but a cake walk. It seems that every corner we turned there was a road block just waiting to pop up. Now could part of those “road blocks” be anxiety due to welcoming a new member of our family any day, absolutely. Without a doubt a huge factor in why these past couple weeks have felt so off is the anxious feeling of being a new parent all over again. After almost 8 years, having a new born is a very scary thing. Hell, it’s scary no matter what. You are responsible for keeping this tiny fragile human alive while healing and running on little to no sleep. It’s scary and over whelming. Add in the medical complications we have faced along the way, the change in season and the world still being so uncertain due to COVID, its a recipe for disaster. It’s no wonder I find myself staying awake all hours of the night, my mind going 100mph. Overthinking every thing that has happened or is going to happen. It’s been both physically and mentally exhausting.

But, life goes on. Even with all of the negative things that seemed to compile themself these past weeks, the show must go on. Animals still need tending to, our oldest still needs his parents to provide and nurture him, the business must remain running, and household chores still need to get done. Life doesn’t stop because we say it’s getting too hard. It finally seems like we have turned a corner and there are less road blocks. Whether it is from the shift in mentality (which is totally possible) or things really are just settling down, I will take the win and celebrate (insert awkward pregnant happy dance here).

Even though chaos insured and more complication arouse through out the week, and the punches keep on coming because again, that’s life, something changed. If you follow me on social media then you know I am a huge advocate for self care and the importance it plays in our lives. And while when things are all hunky dory, self care seems to come easy, its in the moments of the sh*t show (excuse my French) that self care is vital. When I talk about self care, I’m not talking about the bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine, unless that’s your thing, I’m talking about recognizing the fact that sometimes, it’s okay to not be 100% okay. It’s okay to not be put together. It’s okay for the house to be a mess, your hair to be unwashed and your dinner to consist of Ben and Jerry’s while you sob uncontrollably about the things that are bothering you. Sometimes taking the time to FEEL the feelings and be in the moment with those feelings is the most beneficial self care there is. Life isn’t easy and it sure as hell didn’t come with a manual on what to do when things aren’t going the way we thought they would. What matters is at some point amidst the breakdown to remind yourself “It’s okay to not be okay sometimes”, pick yourself up and keep going. Take time for you. Take time to feel all the feelings and then get up and keep kicking ass!

Until next time...

-Xoxo Shay

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